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--- Sep 11 1999 Go to category
Subject: A new name for Blackie
Category: Guitars
From: Chiquita  Metheny age 16 (Detroit/United Ststes)

Pat, I am your youngest and biggest fan. And I really love ALL of your albums. (My friends and I think youre ABSOLUTELY CUTE) and I have a new name for your guitar Blackie. How about "Pat's Little Baby"? or "Pat's Love"?

Pat’s Answer:


thanks for listening to the music. it's funny, i don't really think of any of those guitars with a name or even a sex of one way or the other - to me they are just kind of tools that i use to get ideas out - kind of like a guy that works in construction probably doesn't have names for his hammers and pliers and stuff. but thanks for thinking of me anyway! hey, i bet your name isn't REALLY chiquita, is it??

best from pat