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--- Sep 11 1999 Go to category
Subject: Tour to South Africa
Category: General Questions
From: mageshen naidoo (South Africa)

Dear Pat, Thank you for the great music.I´m a big fan of yours!You have inspired my guitar playing to great lengths. Why haven´t you made any tours to Africa or particulary to South Africa.There is a huge audience for your music here.It seems great artists like yourself tend to overlook South Africa as a possible tour destination.Do you go by record sales in choosing a tour destination or what are the criteria? How can we get you to South Africa?

Pat’s Answer:

hi mageshen,

i am so ready to go to s. africa, i can't even tell you. so far, no promoter there has made an offer to bring us - i may just go as a tourist because i want to see it so bad - everyone i know who has been there tells me how beautiful it is and how nice the people are there. and from my own experience with meeting south africans this is true - this summer i met jimmy dludlu who in addition to being a fantastic musician really impressed me with his good vibe. i hope to go soon!

best from pat