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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Europen Tour Thoughts
Category: Touring
From: Linda V. (n/a)

I wonder if you would please share with us some of the most memorable and outstanding moments on that segment. Things that were highlights of the shows, or that happened on the road. We heard about the power outage in Madrid and the rain delay in Italy, (shouldn't it be 'the rain in Spain'?! :-) BTW, did that awesome bit of musical rescue that the guys did during the power outage get recorded?!

Pat’s Answer:

europe was incredible. one of the best european tours we've ever had - almost every show was sold out and the energy and listening attention of the audiences everywhere was exceptional. even places that we have had a little trouble in before like the provincial parts of france were really great this time. madrid was not one of the highlights for us i would say, due to all the incredible technical problems, but the audience more than made up for it. rain delays are a risk you take whenever and wherever you try to do an outdoor show - but italy remains the best place in the world for this band. we just love it there - probably the best show in italy was in montesarchio, a small town not far from naples. that one gig made the whole year worth doing for me.

(regarding madrid, i guess if the power hadn't gone out, we could have recorded it, but since the power went out, we couldn't have because there was no power for the recorder, but then if the power hadn't gone out, it wouldn't have happened in the first place! hmmm. but what happened during the power outage was something that i think any of you that get the chance to see phillip hamilton do his thing on his own can see - basically its phillip leading the crowd in a version of bobby mcferrin's audience participation call and response thing- and he does it great!)