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--- Sep 11 1999 Go to category
Subject: 175 or Ibanez?
Category: Guitars
From: John  Monllos (usa)

First of all Pat I love the new CD with Jim Hall!!! I am curious did you play the 175 or the Ibanez on this date? (I can't Tell) it looks like the 175 in the picture. Also do you turn down the tone on the guitar to get a darker sound for this type of date?

Thanx for your time... John

Pat’s Answer:

hi john

it is the ibanez pm-100 on that date; the blonde one. one thing i really like about the ibanez guitars is that i DON'T have to turn the tone control down too much to get a darker sound - those pickups are louder and much fatter sounding than the old gibson ones (although the vintage guitar purist types will no doubt continue to harp on me about how the 175 sounds "so much better" than the ibanez; which honestly is just pure hogwash - and that is coming from the person who loves that 175 more than anyone on earth)

the fact that you (and most other people) cannot tell the difference on this record and several others proves my point. hey, i don't sound defensive here, DO I???!?!!

i'm really glad you like the record with jim - it was such a thrill to make for me.

thanks for writing in from pat