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--- Sep 11 1999 Go to category
Subject: Sea Song
Category: Specific Tunes
From: owen mcgee (Dublin, Ireland)

This piece I find totally's almost spiritual and living by the sea like I do, this music seems especially powerful for me...if the sea could have a voice, this would be it! - the music goes right through my soul like the way a powerful sea breeze or the sound of the sea will take hold of all your senses if you stand before the sea and close your eyes for even a few moments! The singing bass line at the beginning and end of the piece was enough to make me buy an Eberhard Weber record having never heard of him before hearing this record. The style of this tune, and some of the rest of Watercolors, has a kind of 'jazz chamber music' feel to you feel that you will ever write any more music with this kind of ECM-style, chamber music feel to it, or do you consider all that to be in the past? What was the inspiration in writing a piece like this, or 'Oasis' for that matter? p.s. Oasis, Legend of the Fountain and Sea Song together work brilliantly, like a classical music suite or longer chamber music piece.. These are probably the more artistically thrilling pieces of all your music for me. (though I'm not a musician at all!)

Pat’s Answer:

hi owen

there actually is a story that goes with "sea song"; it is one of the few pieces i have ever written that did literally show up based on a specific real life experience.

that song was written when i was 18 years old. i grew up in missouri in the central part of america - the nearest ocean was basically 2000 miles in any direction. i didn't see a large body of water until i was 18 and i moved to miami. the first day i was there, i bought a bicycle and rode to the ocean to check it out. it made a huge impression on me - somehow i never really "got" the scale of what an ocean was until i saw it like that. i went home and wrote "sea song" that night.

thanks for writing in and i am glad you like the music so much - best from pat m.