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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Subject: Working with Dave Brubeck/Film work for Rob Morrow
Category: General Questions
From: Kim C. Jefferies (Seattle, WA)

Hello from Seattle. Aren't you glad you played the SUMMER NITES AT THE PIER on such a beautiful night last Summer '98? I know you know that we secretly have "a few sunny days" (that would be a great title for a song!) here in Seattle. I hope to see you again with PMG, either here in Seattle, or have you heard about the GORGE at George, WA , on the Columbia River about 3 hrs east of Seattle? WHAT A VIEW!!!!

Let's Get to the questions already! 1). Have you ever thought of getting together with Dave Brubeck and recording or have you already got something in the "can" somewhere? I can just imagine the polytonal chords you two could come up with, using all twenty fingers, or toes too! It would be interesting. Also, just asking: Did you ever get together with Marian McPartland yet?

2). I noticed him twice, and got to talk to Rob Morrow of NORTHERN EXPOSURE (DR. FLEISHMAN)sp? at two of your Seattle concerts. He was going to inquire about you composing some music for his directoral debut on a 30 min. piece he was putting together. Did you two ever get together on this? I'm having a hard time trying to find it, I know it's out. I know he is a big fan and I was thrilled to see an actor I like, like and respect your music. And before I go, long as it is, thanks for playing at my school in 1970. I believe you said this to me in Omaha '89: I attended Wentworth Mil. Academy in '69-'70 , and you said you MAY have been the guitarist in a dance band that year? IF SO, I can say that I have been a fan of yours for 29 YEARS! Thanks for taking what's in my soul, as an amateur musician, and expressing it for me better than I could ever play on my electronic keyboards. Hoping to see you in Olympia,WA June 21st,1999. THANKS VERY MUCH!

Pat’s Answer:

hi kim,

no,i have not worked with either dave brubeck or marian mcpartland, but oddly i have known both of them since i was a teenager.

the rob morrow film is called "the silent alarm" and it is occasionally shown on cable tv. it was a challenge - basically no dialog for 30 minutes; just silence and music. it is very good and i am sure that rob will become a great director in the future based on this effort - he was also really fun to work with.

and yes, that night was gorgeous - but you know what? in all the gigs i have ever done in seattle i don't think it has ever been raining the day i was there - so my impression of seattle is one of sun anyway....

best from pat m.