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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Energy
Category: Inspiration
From: Shad Bay (n/a)

As a creative soul, driven to do your work, how do you maintain, as well as, protect your perspective and space for the energy to come forth? Your tour schedule is amazing, not to mention the locations and all that surrounds it(that). I'm experiencing some amazing pulls & stretches right now, and I'm wondering, given what you are doing and who you are at heart,\ how you approach this. I do my best work when I have you on in my studio- anyway, at least it feels like it's taking flight and soaring in the right direction. Thanks for sharing your work and taking the time to ponder this question. I hope you are having an incredible time!

Pat’s Answer:

you know, everything i do is fun for me, so it really isn't much of a struggle. i just enjoy it all.