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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Subject: Lyle's Tricks
Category: Composing
From: Cam Brown (Richmond, VA)

I caught two of your east coast shows during the Imaginary Day tour. I really think this is your best work yet. Very, very creative. Now, were Lyle's sequences during his solo parts preprogramed, where he initiated them with a keystroke? Or did he play the sequence and let his computer sample and copy? I was amazed at how these sequences so closely matched those done in the studio. Please, keep creating, and release a new PMG album for the new millenium!

Pat’s Answer:

hi cam,

well, we will do whatever it takes to get the music to sound as good as we can, and obviously we have no fear of technology. i don't think either lyle or i think of them as "tricks" though - we really just try to utilize the potential of the instruments and tools of our time in hopefully a musical and creative way.

having said that, i can tell you that none of lyles solos are "sequenced" and when there are elements in the bands sound that are in sync with what we are actually playing, it is not being controlled by anything lyle is doing ( other than an occasional sample being overlaid or used as a transitional device. )

happy that you like the music!

best from pat m.