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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Subject: Connecting with the audience & drawing energy and excitement
Category: Touring
From: John Freese (Tulsa, Oklahoma USA)

Pat, I'm a long time listener and fan, who's seen you and the group in concert many times mostly in Colorado, although you recently played the Brady theatre in Tulsa. I know as a fan I draw energy and excitement from you and the guys in the group while you're playing on stage. Do you connect with the audience and draw energy, excitement and enthusiasm from them too? I remember when you played the Paramount theatre in Denver on Tthe Secret Story tour - after you guys played "Finding and Believing" it seemed like the vocalists ( there were two not just Mark Ledford as the album liner says ) were suprised at the ovation they received and were really excited and charged by the audience appreciation. Does the crowd's enthusiasm still get you pumped too after all these years? Thanks for the many thrills and uplifting concerts over the years. Take care. John Freese

Pat’s Answer:

hi john,

the audience is the reason we are there that night and sometimes i wonder if folks in the audience realize how much their participation in the vibe of the evening affects the music. especially when you have been out on the road for months at a time, the amount of listening energy an audience shows up with has a major influence on me and i think everyone in the band. there have been lots of nights when just before going out to play i wonder if i "have" it that night and the audience becomes the catalyst for me being able to dig deeper and deeper to find the good stuff that might be floating around that night. i am not really talking about screaming and standing ovations and stuff as much as i am talking about really serious listening energy - where you can feel that people are following the *details* of the music as they are unfolding with full attention. it is THAT kind of enthusiasm that really helps us play our best i think...

thanks for writing in from pat