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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Subject: Martial Arts or other disciplines
Category: General Questions
From: Teddy  Pantelas (youngstown ohio USA)

First of all I would Like say that you've been a big source of Inspiration and constant Encouragmentto me by your music and guitar playing. Hearing you is always a reminder to always push forward, for the learning and growth is never ending which you are also living proof. I was wondering if you have ever or are involed in any form of martial arts or any other form of disciplines that have aided you in your pursuit of music. This is one question I have wondered about for a long time, if it is not to personal to ask. Seeeing this section of the Website made me think If I had one question to ask you what would it be, this is definitely it, without doubt. Thank for your music. I also wanted to add that the new one with Jim Hall is great, and is sure to go down in history as one of the classics of Jazz. Sincerely, Teddy

Pat’s Answer:

hi teddy,

no, i have never been involved in anything like that. i really devoted all of my attention to music starting at about age 11, and before that i was really only interested in playing baseball and throwing rocks at girls and stuff. plus, in my town at that time, there would not have been any opportunity to explore something as relatively sophisticated as martial arts. i can see how it could be useful as a discipline for learning to focus and concentrate on things.

thanks for listening from pat