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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Subject: Outdoors vs. Indoors / Charlie Hunter
Category: General Questions
From: Dennis Julio (San Francisco)

Hi Pat ... been enjoying you're shows since the Song X tour in the Northeast and was lucky enough to have seen several recent gigs here in Northern California, including a "trio" show in Oakland and a scorching hot (literally) Group show in Sacramento a few years back - I think you mentioned that you were unable to do a sound check because the equipment was too hot! I did notice, however, a different "feel" in the music between outdoor and indoor venues ... any thoughts on this, or your preference? Secondly, what are your thoughts on Bay Area guitarist Charlie Hunter?

Pat’s Answer:

hi dennis,

i guess i like both - but there is something about playing outdoors in the summer that is the best for me. sometimes the conditions make it difficult - and in those moments you kind of wish you were inside - it is always a risk for the band and the promoter to embark on doing an outdoor gig. but when it is great, it is always worth it.

charlie hunter is an interesting young musician with his own approach to the instrument and i support him in his efforts to expand what the guitar can be and how it's role can be so varied depending on the conception of the player.

thanks for writing from pat