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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Category: Inspiration

HI! I'M YOUR FAN IN SOUTH KOREA. I'm so fascinated with your music. I hope to see your concert some day~. I'm 18 year- old girl and i became to like your music 2 yers ago. I have some questions about where you get from your inspiration. I think you are imaginative & creative so much!

you worked with some asian musians, as i know. and i heard some traditional elements in your music. 4 exemple, vidala ...& other songs in secret stories. and you used traditional instruments, didn't you? all these give you inspiration?

and did you hear KOREAN TRADITIONAL MUSIC ? If you have interest in it, I'll send some albums.. you worked with japanese musicians.Irecommend you to hear korean music. It has something in common with jazz, i think. Improvisation is the most important thing of korean traditional music. .... That's all.

Pat’s Answer:


i don't know that much about korean music and only visited there one time. but during that visit i was given a number of very beautiful records of traditional korean music which i have enjoyed ever since. i would love to learn more about it and maybe go see some of it performed live sometime. i'm glad you like our music!

best from pat