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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Subject: Seach for bootleg cd
Category: Recordings
From: Hein Berendsen (Houten/The Netherlands)

Hi, I heard your CD with B.B. King and Dave Brubeck somewhere on vacation in France. But I cannot find the CD in The Netherlands. Can you give me the exact name of the CD and the registration number where i can find it. Please help because I'm desperate.

Pat’s Answer:

hi hein,

honestly? save your money - it is a total ripoff for whoever buys it and for me too - that record has come out about 5 times now with different covers, etc. always giving the impression that somehow we all played together, etc.etc. it is all b.s. - we didn't even see each other. this the kind of thing (unauthorized recording) that is very frustrating but it seems there is not too much anyone can do about it. i would appreciate it if you boycott this record and any other recordings you see on this label (the name changes often so the owners don't end up in jail).

thanks from pat