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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Subject: Please!!! Finland!!
Category: Touring
From: Turo  Vartiainen (Helsinki/Finland)

Hi Pat!

I´ve listened to your music for over five years now and all the time I have waited for you to come in Finland. Now,I´ve heard that you have performed in Finland and I think it´s about time you came here again! How about Pori Jazz Festival 2000? The beautiful Finnish summer and your music... Please come! I´m not the only one who loves your music here! Oh, and I´m planning to buy the PM100 soon and I wonder do you still use it regurarly on your gigs and albums. (forgive my ignorance, I´m sure that was a stupid question...)

All best: Turo

Pat’s Answer:

hi turo,

i really hope to visit finland again - you're right, it has been a while. and yes, i use the ibanez guitars all the time now and really like them.

thanks from pat m.