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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Subject: Blowing the dust
Category: General Questions
From: Tom  Badalament (Detroit, MI)

Hey Pat: I just want to say I saw you in Detroit (at the State Theatre) last October and you guys sounded great. My question for you is more a request than a question. One of my favorite PMG songs is "The Search", next time your in Detroit or if you feel like blowing the dust off an old friend please include it in your set list. Keep up the great work. Tom

Pat’s Answer:

hi tom,

that tune is a nice one that for some reason has never wanted to get played live - we have tried several times over the years and it just doesn't like it. maybe we will try again sometime. those 6/8-y kinds of grooves (5-5-7, the awakening are others) have never really gotten off the ground live for the group live for reasons that i am still trying to figure out.

best from pat m.