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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Classical Composers
Category: Inspiration
From: Valkyrie S. (n/a)

Hi, Pat. I guess you missed my question on a previous thread, which were your answers to some questions. My question, once again, is who are some of your favorite classicalcomposers? Do you listen to much classical music? As my pseudonym here obviously points out, I'm quite a Wagnerian. What are YOUR thoughts on Wagner? I look forward to your answers. I won't be disappointed if you couldn't care less about Wagner.

Pat’s Answer:

these days i have really been into the russian guys. shostakovich, rachmoninoff, prokoviev (pardon my spellings here), and i have always loved the french guys, especially ravel, debussy and satie. of course, bach. also brahms. weirdly, i'm not crazy about mozart except the late late stuff. i do dig wagner - "die meistersinger" was played by junior high school band and it slayed me. after awhile, he kind of makes me seasick (all those modulations) - kind of wish he would just hang in one place more.