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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Subject: vocals/kenny burrell
Category: General Questions
From: troy wheeler (phila., pa. (usa) )

Hi Pat, I hope that all is well. I had the priviledge of meeting you in philadelphia on a very, very hot evening at the Mann Music center. It was indeed an inferno that evening! Will you one day soon record a cd of vocal material with pedro. I love the vocal pieces on "letter from home" and "Firs Circle". I am seriously hoping that you might consider an undertaking such as this one. People love the vocal stuff. I used to work at a famous jazz retail shop here in philadelphia called Third Street Jazz and Rock. Folks used to come in alot asking for "The Falcon and the Snowman". That ballad on there with that beautiful acoustic guitar you are playing is wonderful. Please think about it. A Pat Metheny Group vocal cd would really round out the collection. Also, have you ever thought about doing an album with kenny burrell? I would love to hear an album of you two gentleman playing together. I also hope to see you again the next time you guys are in philadelphia. Philadelphians love you! Until then, God bless you and the group and be safe in your travels!

Many Thanks Troy Wheeler

Pat’s Answer:

hi troy,

it's interesting to me how the thing of our using vocals has become sort of a polarizing issue at this point - there are a lot of people who really like it, and a lot who really hate it and wish we would stop. i have thought about doing a real "song" oriented album with many different vocalists someday.

kenny is one of my very favorite guitarists and a real major influence for me - but we have never played together. thanks for writing in. pat m.