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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Subject: composing & recording
Category: Composing
From: Sambodhi Prem (Nelson, New Zealand)

Hi Pat,

I'm a musician - actually I recorded your tune "Hermitage" on one of my CD's. Whenever I record one of my new pieces, I mostly like what I do at the time, but after a few weeks a lot of things show up that need improvement. My question would be: Do you hear your music in your head (heart?...) and how close do your recordings come to what you hear, when you first wrote a piece?

Thank you for being here, you have been an amazing inspiration!

Sambodhi Prem

ps I'm living in New Zealand since 5 years. Do you see yourself visiting this part of the earth in the future? We have a nice place here, you're welcome to stay!

Pat’s Answer:

hi sambodhi,

an interesting question. i would say that i go through pretty much the same thing which ultimately seems like it is us telling ourselves that "we wish it were better" - not a bad thing, that. the trick, it seems, is one of perspective - i always wish i played better, but at a certain point all you can do is do your best and hope that it comes close to that ideal you have in your head. i am still working on this whole issue myself, with only slow progress.