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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Subject: Relations?
Category: General Questions
From: Mike  Metheny (Seattle USA)

Hi Pat, been meaning to get in touch with you for awhile. What part of Missouri are you from? Most of my family (on my Dads side) is from the Sikeston or East Prarie area in the S.E. corner.

It's not a common name and there are a few of us here in WA (I know them all). I will try and make it down for your show in Olympia on the 21st or 22nd. My father said you were related but I couldn't verify it through family channels. It would be fun to meet anyway. I was reminded you were coming by a girl (who calls herself the crazy woman from Alaska) that meet you while at college in Calif. and asked you to come to her dorm and talk about music with some friends (you must have really made their year). She plays jazz in a little trio in Woodinville on the weekends and works at Barnes&Noble, and recognized the name. It is funny how many places I go that people recognize the name. I was on the Italian coast last year and a waiter at this little place came back with my credit card telling me he was honored to meet me (thinking I was Mike) and wanted to play a song for my family that he had been working on.

Anyway, hope life and the road are treating you well. Even if we are not related, I very much enjoy your music.

Take care Mike Metheny

Pat’s Answer:

hi mike,

it has really been fun to meet "metheny/matheny/mathenay"s around the country over the years - i don't know about you, but i always thought the name was really unusual - there certainly were not any people around our area (other than the immediate family) who had that name. i have since found out that there are nearly 12,000 of us in the states (hard to believe isn't it) - and all of us are descended from this one guy who came over in the 1600's. you can check out more about it at this web site - it is a very interesting story.

as far as the girl from alaska - well, i never went to college in california so i think she was jiving you... oh well.... best from pat m.