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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Subject: Steve Howe/Yes
Category: Other Musicians
From: pat vargo (Birmingham USA)

hi pat! I was introducing your music to a friend the other day and he brought up that you reminded him of steve howe of the yes just based on your arsenal of guitars and the many styles you play, I'm rather curious if Yes was a band you listened to, I know Jon Anderson has worked with Milton Nascimento a few times, also curious if Rick Wakeman was perhaps an early influence on Lyle in terms of using synths. Love the new album with Jim. Thanks for all the music.

Pat’s Answer:

hi pat,

honestly, except for "roundabout" and "owner of a lonely heart" - i don't think i ever heard yes. that kind of thing just never really interested me. and i am pretty sure that lyle is not a rick wakeman fan (i think i heard him say this a few times).

best from pat m.