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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Subject: Update Web.Page
Category: General Questions
From: David Williams (K.C.Mo./U.S.A.)

How many times do you update your site? Last entries I see Is March of 1999. This is June 16th already and I still see March entries. Do you Pat take this upon yourself to update your site which by the way is a great site if only it was current, or do you have someone working for you to take on such a job? I'm not knocking your site just curious. Musically, DT MESA@AOL.COM

Pat’s Answer:

hi david,

it has been awhile since i have had any time to do it. it will probably always be a little sporadic in that way because of the amount of work i have to do and the amount of time that it takes me to go through all the questions which i can only do when i have a real break which isn't that often. i will always be the only one to answer questions here - no "rep" or anything like that - otherwise what would be the point of doing it?