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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Subject: recording with piano
Category: Recordings
From: Gabriel Horenczyk (Jerusalem, ISRAEL)

Dear Pat,

I love listening to your music. A few days ago, on a local radio station I heard great music by you and somebody on the piano. Very famous the pianist, but at my age sometimes even famous artists are hard to remember. I only remember that you playsed a tune composed by the son of the pianist for his rock band.

I will greatly appreciate your help! Gabriel Horenczyk

Pat’s Answer:

hi gabriel,

i think the song you are talking about is "spiritual" written by josh haden from the album "beyond the missouri sky" with charlie haden and myself. (charlie is a bass player, not a piano player, and his son is the lead singer in a group called "spain" which is where that song came from )