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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: The Bay Area Audience
Category: Touring
From: Francois Hugues (n/a)

Dear Pat, you mentionned earlier your shows in southern european countries (Italy, Spain,Portugal) were more inspiring to you, because of the energy between you and the crowdsetc... Compare to that, how were the shows in SAN FRANCISCO this year? I can tell the peoplewere breathing the music and vibrating with the notes. I wasn't the only one! There was kindof a spiritual quality to the show (especially, the second one, Feb 15). I'm sure you may have felt it. Was it a special night? One of those very nights when it really happens (as you mentioned in an interview for the "Road To You" video)? Or was it about the same for most of the shows of the second leg of the US tour? THANKS!

Pat’s Answer:

hard to compare the u.s. with europe, but i remember those gigs at the warfield as a few of the best of the year. (and the review in the sf chronicle was one of the only reviews in recent memory that was a good review that really got the good things about what the band actually does) the bay area is fantastic for music - too bad they don't have better radio out there like they used to.