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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Subject: composers
Category: Composing
From: CECILIA D (Neuquen, Argentina)

Hello Pat! How are you?. Idon't know enlgish (only a little) So: espero que hables castellano. mi pregunta es: Que compositores argentinos te gustan?(si es que los hay además de Pedro y Piazzolla). te esperamos pronto, aunque sea en Buenos Aires OK?. huyyy!!! I have another question: cual o cuales son los músicos que cuando los escuchas te dejan el alma feliz?. thank you!!!

Pat’s Answer:

hi cecilia,

well, piazolla would have to be considered one of the major composers of the century - and i love his music so much... i also really like dino saluzzi and i hope to do something with him someday.

muchas gracias, pat