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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Subject: Funny Stories
Category: Touring
From: Helga Diane Thordsen (Nashville, TN)

I have a funny fan story for. I drove over 250 miles to see your concert in Louisville, Kentucky in 1995. My husband bought the ticket for my birthday. When I got there, the seats were terrible. I nearly cried. All I could see were the amplifiers on the one side. The people around me had won their tickets from the radio and stated taht they were not interested in the concert (idiots). I was very saddened by this but decided to take matters into my own hands. I went to the ticket booth and told the salesperson my story and that for me this concert meant as much as the Beatles reuniting (Really). Her supervisor over-heard me and said "Satisfy this woman". I ended up with a front rtow seat looking straight at Lyle Mays' keyboards. The concert was fantastic. Now for my two questions ? Are you ever coming anywhere near Nashville ? and Do you have any funny stories that you would be willing to tell ?

Pat’s Answer:

hi helga,

i'm really glad you got those seats - that's great!

i hope we will get a chance to come to nashville - it has been many years since i have been there and i have always enjoyed going there to play or to hang out.

best from pat m.