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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Subject: Roland VG-8
Category: Guitars
From: Uwe Lange (Ulm/Germany)

Hi Pat,

what do you think about the Roland VG-8?

I had a VG-8 for some days and could test it. I'm not shure for what it is usefull. The silmulated guitar-sounds are very good but they are only simulated and not as good as the original. The synth sounds I think are only a special bonus. This sounds have not the intesity of other guitar synth sounds like for example the Roland GR-30 or your GR-300.

Have you a special way to built sounds on the VG-8? Do you use any editor software for a easier handling? I think programming the VG-8 is very difficult.

I've seen you with your trio in Germany, Memmingen. Have you used there the VG-8?

Do you think the VG-8 can replace your GR-300?

Many thanks for your answers.

It's a great pleasure to listen to your music. Uwe Lange

Pat’s Answer:

hi uwe,

the vg-8 is a different animal - that is it's attraction. i don't think you can compare it to anything else, and i even think it is a mistake to try to - to me, the simulations are something to mess around with for fun as starting place - but nothing to seriously use as a criteria for what that thing can do. it does what it does very well and is an incredible tool for sound exploring for a guitarist.

yes, i did use the vg-8 in memmingin - usually on the new untitled tune that we played about halfway through the set.

thanks for writing.