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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Subject: Pino Daniele
Category: Other Musicians
From: Matteo  Tegoni (Reggio Emilia - Italy)

Hallo Pat, probably you didn't expect this question but... I was at one of the concerts you did in 1995 in Italy during Pino Daniele's tour. I found that concert just wonderful, definitely. I don't know if you enjoyed his way to play music, but think that your choice to play together was excellent. You gave us two fantastic hour of music. Now, the question is: did you find interesting to play together with this guitarist, who was coming from a cultural backround so far from yours? Bye and have a good tour with your trio (I was in Mantova, Italy last week!!!) Matteo

Pat’s Answer:

hi matteo,

i loved playing with pino, and it was very easy and fun. and he is a great person to be around. at first he wanted to do the whole tour just as a duo - which intrigued me as i know that we would be playing in 20,000 seat halls. in the end, it was fun with the band - but i especially enjoyed our long duet part of the show. thanks for writing!