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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Subject: Music Videos
Category: Recordings
From: Kevin Lloyd (Glendale/AZ/U.S.A.)

I turned the channel to VH-1 one time and saw part of a video for "Longest Summer". I think I've seen pieces of other videos (like "Last Train Home"), but they're so hard to catch. Can you make you're videos available to your fans (i.e. put them all on one tape and sell it on this web site)? Also, do you ever plan on publishing any guitar instructional videos or books? Thanks, Kevin

Pat’s Answer:

all i can say is that the day "beavis and butthead" got cancelled - i breathed a huge sigh of relief. our videos really, REALLY SUCKED!!! one of my recurring nightmares was that b&b would show one of those early videos while making us the instrumental "winger" of the vh-1 world. it could have happened except for the fact that we happen to function far enough out on the fringe of actual pop culture that our crummy little videos thankfully flew below the radar and we were therefore spared the humilation of our lives (other than the fact that some real people actually DID see them!). (the videos were admittedly our particpation to whatever attempt was made to get the record company involved in helping us get our stuff out to more people - as far as i can see - it didn't really work. anyone out there get hip to us from seeing a video?? just curious.)

no. there will be NO video compilation tape!!! (also this commentary is not meant to cast any bad light on the directors, crews, etc. of our videos who did the best they could do with what they had to work with.....the problem went deeper than that!)