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--- Sep 09 1999 Go to category
Subject: "Icefire
Category: Specific Tunes
From: Sean Dimmery (USA)

pat, please answer this question. i have been buying and listening to your stuff for 16 years. i think that warrants a little of YOUR attention, dont you think?... maybe? ok, what musical gods did you summon to help play the tune "Icefire"? and don't tell me this was a total improvisation like "Goin' Ahead" cuz i wont buy it :). please tell me how this tune was played... so i can go on with my life.

your friend, sean

Pat’s Answer:

hi sean,

icefire was, like the tune "san lorenzo", based on the idea of taking an electric 12 string gutiar and totally restringing it with light gauge unwound strings - tuning them in fourths and fifths to each other in their pairs, and essentially making a "pentatonic/diatonic" tuning of the open strings. with that tuning in place - the piece was in fact totally improvised with a few preplanned signposts along the way - but, there was not a lot of room to move harmonically within that tuning's vocabulary. i used a guild starfire electric 12 string. (the same one i had used with the pairs tuned in unison with a conventional tuning with gary burton on his record "dreams so real").