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--- Sep 09 1999 Go to category
Subject: Concert in Lucca
Category: Touring
From: Julian  Crook (Solihull, England)

Hi - I've just returned from a fantastic holiday in Tuscany, made even more memorable by catching the show in Lucca - fantastic music in wonderful surroundings. I'd really like to know the set list for the evening & whether you have any plans to put out a momento from the tour, such as a live disc - there was so much great music during the evening that surely must benefit from a release ....... and what was that guitar-synth led piece at the centre of the show ??

Pat’s Answer:

hi julian,

lucca was a real highlight of the tour for us as well - that has to be one of the most beautiful settings for a concet anywhere in the world.

i can't remember the whole set - but i think the tune in the middle that you are talking about was "question and answer".

we did record all of the shows this summer and i may take some time someday to go through them to find a live record of that tour in there. we did just recently complete a studio album with that trio - but it is all new music, different from what we were playing on the live shows. it should come out in february.