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--- Sep 09 1999 Go to category
Subject: 'Sign of Four' Guitars
Category: Guitars
From: Eric Klerks (Fremont/CA/USA)

I find the album (The Sign Of Four) absolutely beautiful. Instead of painting in the usual primary (though vibrant) colors of Jazz, the effect is more encompassing- a sort of sonic storm. Anyway, your tone on the electric guitar pieces (esp. A Study In Scarlet) is great- doesn't really sound like an Ibanez PM as far as I can tell. What electric guitar(s) did you use on the recording?

Pat’s Answer:

thanks eric, i am really happy you like that record - it is a real favorite of mine too.

you are right - there is no ibanez on that record. the guitars i used were the roland vg-8 (played by my old roland 303 guitar)- a les paul with a special tuning modification, and the picasso (linda manzer) 42 string guitar.