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--- Sep 09 1999 Go to category
Subject: When will there be a DVD?
Category: Film Work
From: Jeff Benezra (New York/USA)

I've been a fan for twenty years. I recently purchased the VHS TRAVELS video which is fantastic! Check out the customer reviews on Amazon.Com and you'll find out how many of your fans wish it were on DVD... Any chance? Or better yet, any chance of a more recent PMG concert on DVD?

Pat’s Answer:

ok, this is kind of a secret, and we may not even get it together but we are gonna try.......

we are hoping to put out a kind of "home video" dvd of the imaginary day tour that has the potential to be really cool and unlike anything we have done before. but, it will take awhile for this to happen - we are just now getting on it. it may NOT happen - but it might..... if it does -we will let you know here on this site.

on a related note - there is an entirely new format that will come out late this year called DVD audio - which is essentially full bandwidth 6 channel surround of audio only program.

we just finished remixing the entire IMAGINARY DAY album in 6 channel surround -and it IS THE GREATEST THING YOU WILL EVER HEAR IN YOUR LIFE!!! after this - stereo is obsolete, almost a joke. we are talking about 24 bit/96k full resolution in all the speakers. with ID, it is just totally mind blowing. more later.....(the players and the product will come out in january or so)