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--- Sep 09 1999 Go to category
Subject: Playing "out
Category: Improvisation/Soloing
From: Jörgen Dehlin (Malmö, Sweden)

Hi Pat! First of all I´d like to say that you´re my major source of inspiration, both compositionally and instrumentally (I´m an amateur guitar player with a bent for jazz and Brazilian music). I´d be thrilled if you would like to provide me (and other players!) with some general "guidelines" as to playing "out", especially over dominant chords. Thanks in advance, and thank you for all that wonderful music!

Pat’s Answer:

hi jorgen,

that question is just too hard to answer in a forum like this. i will say that that the longer one plays, the less things that one once considered to be "out" are still "out". what i mean is that as your musical vocabulary increases with your playing experience, you eventually enter an area where all 12 tones become available at all times. at that point, what you are playing may sound out to an untrained ear, but to you, you are just playing what you hear. and that is always the key - you have to play what you hear in your head at all times. so increasing ones listening skills is always the entry point to the next level of playing - especially when it comes to advanced harmony and melody.

the more specific musical examples i could give you will have to be found on the records themselves. i would also recommend dave liebman's recent books on this subject as a guide and a place for specific information.

i'm glad you like my playing and good luck with you music jorgen!

best from pat m.