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--- Sep 09 1999 Go to category
Subject: Linda Manzer/instructional videos
Category: Guitars
From: Steve  Waite (Fairfield, CT)

Pat: I've just asked Linda Manzer to build me a custom double neck acoustic. How would you rate her work compared to all other acoustic guitars you've had the good fortune to play? PS: When are you coming out with an instructional video?

Pat’s Answer:

hi steve,

let me put it like this - when you first recieve her guitar, you will love it like you never loved anything before. but - that same guitar will sound 20 times as good 10 years later than it does when it is brand new. do you think you will be able to stand it??

i don't have any plan to make an instructional video. i think there are more than enough of them out there already.

thanks for writing - best from pat.