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--- Sep 08 1999 Go to category
Subject: Different Trains
Category: Composing
From: Steven Argenvansen (Melbourne, Australia)

Hi, I am studying music at the University of Melbourne and have become a huge Pat Metheny fan. When searching the library catalogue for your work I found a CD titled: "Different Trains; Electric Counterpoint". I had a quick listen and then wondered where I could get some info on your musical background, especially in the areas of composition/counterpoint?

Pat’s Answer:

hi steven,

my backround is mostly one of listening to a lot of music that i love as a fan and trying to learn as much about it as i can.

the piece you are talking about was written for me by one of the best modern composers, steve reich. his own personal relationship with counterpoint is well represented on all of his albums. he wrote several other contrapunctal pieces for solo overdubbed instruments including one for flute, and one for clarinet. my favorite pieces of his are "music for 18 musicians" and "telhelim". both are excellent representations of his ideas on counterpoint.