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--- Sep 08 1999 Go to category
Subject: Form
Category: Composing
From: Michael  Simon (Netherlands)

Hi, I first would like to say that I love your music, and I that if feel thankfull that there is somebody like you to show what we can do with music. My question is: what is your view on form? I`ve noticed that your pieces have different parts that connect perfectly; how do you find unity between parts when writing?. Thank you for your music.

Michael Simon Trumpeter/Composer

Pat’s Answer:

hi michael,

man, you said the magic word. the issues of form, along with dynamics and phrasing, are important subjects for virtually every musical decision that is made in the pmg. in my own case, when writing a new piece of music, i spend hours considering all of the possibilities of what a new melody or chord progression seems to suggest - and the quest for expanding beyond the normal predictable forms - on both a micro and a macro level - are always on our minds. the connections and transitions between sections and ideas (again on both the large and small scale) are really REALLY important to us. it is great that it gets noticed as a specific quality now and again - but generally these are the kinds of things that audiences kind of take for granted. and critics, well for the most part they would not be able to pick out the details of the form stuff we work so hard on if it bit them in their......well, you get my point!

in this forum, it is too hard to go too far into detail about specifics - but when our songbook comes out you will be able see the notes on the page which will pretty much say it all anyway.

thanks for writing and good luck with your music.