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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: NY Audiences
Category: Touring
From: Keeyna G. (n/a)

Pat, I've been a fan of yours for 11 years now (I'm now 26 years old). Your music brought me closer to my fiance' - We're getting married in June and we will definitely have your music pulsating through the speakers at the reception. My question is, do you ever get flustered when a enthusiastic fan hollers out "Mr. Metheny, AYGWM!!?" or "Pat, your posse ain't no joke!!" (eg. Beacon Theater, Nov. 26, 1998). I hope when the NY audience yells out, it doesn't cloud your perception of New Yorkers. We really love your music and we're just expressive that way. BTW, have you ever thought of playing at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)? You should check it out, its a kick-butt venue! Love your music, Love your group! Love, Keenya

Pat’s Answer:

we love the new york thang!