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--- Sep 08 1999 Go to category
Subject: When you will be here?
Category: Touring
From: Sandro Pimentel (Curitiba / Brazil)

Hi Pat! Wow, it's very, very nice! I really can't believe it...I'm "talking" with a Guitar God. Yeah, you're my favorite guitar player, Pat. I have all your cd's and they are my " favorite things". I'm a brazilian guitar player and I like jazz very much. I usually listen everything...Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Ivan Lins, Tom know, all the great guys. But, I have to confess something: I'm always listening your albuns. I start to study (very hard) guitar after to take a contact with your music. I saw that Pat Metheny Group's show in the Montreal Jazz Festival (Canada, 1989) on T.V. and it changed my life. After that, I start to play the guitar every day with more motivation. In 1993, I have an opportunite to see you playing in São Paulo (At Palace). Did you remember that show? That night was great. I came back to Curitiba totally nuts! Well, I'm your "number one fan" here in Brazil and I would like to see you playing again. When do you will come? I know, sometimes is difficult to make a contact with managers to organize a small tour, but if you want, you can contact me and I can make some contacts to do it possible, o.k?! I'm not a professional on it, but I can try, believe me...See you soon (here in Brazil). Bye!

P.S.: Sorry, but my English is very bad! (Like your Portuguese, ha, ha, ha!!!)

A very long life to you, Pat! Your fans needs your music.

Pat’s Answer:

hi sandro,

thanks for the really nice note - and the musicians who you listed as being your other favorites are the greatest musicians on earth - so i am really glad to be included in your listening time.

i am coming to brasil for two concerts at the end of this month playing in just a trio with two excellent young musicians. (just in sao paulo this time) - it is really different than when the group plays but it is a way of playing that i really enjoy also. maybe i will see you there.....

best from pat