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--- Sep 08 1999 Go to category
Subject: Peace of Mind
Category: Inspiration
From: Jim  Smith (Bozeman USA)

Hi Pat, I listened to your comments in the "Studio 51" broadcast RE music in general with interest. Music IS like smell in a way in that folks can't really describe it, but it is strongly linked to memory (as you said in this forum, "Are you going with me?" reminds you of upstate NY). I am also a strong believer in the "music soothes the savage beast" concept. Myself, I find your more ballad/quiet-type tunes (Travels, If I could, Goin' Ahead, Farmer's Trust") have helped me through very difficult times in creating a sort of calming "soundtrack" of melancholy and memory. So that I can reach back a bit and remember and contemplate in peace. That music in general can function so powerfully in this way, I find that a beautiful thing, and thank you for your making such wonderful music for all to listen to in the myriad of different ways. Do you find music the same for yourself generally when you listen (not particularly your own music). i.e., How do you find it(tunes, chords, etc.) linked to emotions and memories. I'm curions whether lots of composing makes that more or less so for someone. Hope you can get back to the Willson Auditorium here in Bozeman, Montana sometime.



Pat’s Answer:

hi jim,

for me, i have the same emotional/memory connections for some songs of other people that you talk about having with mine. with my own music, it is sort of too close to me to have an emotional content, kind of the same way that you might be unlikely to be moved by the sound of your own speaking voice - it is just something you live with on such intimate terms that you rarely hear for what it is - you use it as a tool for communication. i'm glad you like the music.

best from pat m.