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--- Sep 08 1999 Go to category
Subject: CUNY,York College
Category: Early Experiences
From: Bob Padich (N.Y.,USA)

I attended York College 1973/74/75. Travelling down the never-ending corridor in the new music wing, i heard a guitar playing which sounded very much like , as i would come to think years later,you,Pat. After searching out the source of the music,i saw from the entrance to the otherwise empty practice room, the guitarist i had been listenig to .Again, years later,i would come to believe it was Pat Metheney i saw there ?I always wanted to know if my well known talent for remembering faces was correct or not. Please solve this mystery for me.

Thanx for the many wonderful performances,

Bob Padich

Pat’s Answer:

hi bob,

nope, wasn't me.

thanks for writing though.