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--- Sep 08 1999 Go to category
Subject: Tour plans for Norway?
Category: Touring
From: Rune Ã˜fsdahl (Oslo, Norway)

Hi Pat!

I've been a big fan of your music for some years now, but unfortunately not long enough to have experienced a live PMG performance. It has been quite a few years since your last performance in Norway now, and when you omitted Norway during your last European tour, I was really disappointed...

I hope you'll visit Norway during your next European tour, and hopefully this will be during 2000.

I find your music truly enchanting - Thank you very much!

Pat’s Answer:

hi rune, i really hope to come to norway again - it is a special place for me because all of my mom's family is descended from norway (her father was bjorn hansen) - and i have always had fun playing there. we have never had really great success playing in norway - but i used to make records there (in oslo) for some years and i hope to get the chance to visit again someday.... thanks for writing.