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--- Sep 08 1999 Go to category
Subject: Australian tour/the record "quartet"
Category: Touring
From: Steven Lidster (Sydney,Australia)

Just a quick note.Being a fan of Pat's work for over thirteen years,I was wondering if there was any chance of an Australian tour in the near future?For what it's worth,Quartet has to be one of the group's best pieces of work. I would really like to read more about the recording process behind this gem of an album.

Pat’s Answer:

hi steven,

thanks for writing and i am glad you like the music. i don't know if we will ever get the chance to return to australia. there is a very limited audience there for us (based on what we see of record sales) and the one time i did try to go there not that many people came to hear us. the problem is that we have a lot of band gear that must be shipped there - and the cost of doing that is always prohibitive. the only way i could really do it would be with a trio or a duo - and i would feel bad doing that because i know there are many people who would like to hear the full group sound. we would love to come, but it has proven to be nearly impossible.

i am glad you like quartet - it was a special record to make because we did it so quickly - all of the music was written and recorded over just a few days - something i have done many times in other settings but never with the pmg until then. it is a record that takes some time for people to "get" it seems - but even at the time we made it, i think all four of us were really proud of it.

thanks for writing and who knows, maybe we will see you down there sometime.

best from pat m.