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--- Sep 08 1999 Go to category
Subject: Concert/Jazz Festival in Newark, NJ
Category: Touring
From: Michael Ewing (Newark/USA)

I work for Entertainment Management Consultants and we are in the process of organizing a Jazz Concert/Festival for Summer 2000 in New Jersey's premier City. Newark is in the midst of a cultural renaissance and the PMG's appeal would fit perfectly with our overall mission of attracting the entire community.

What are the PMG's tour plans for Summer 2000 and who do we communicate with to assure that they come to NJ.

Pat’s Answer:

i love new jersey! contact david sholemson at ted kurland associates 617-254-0007. i don't know if i will be actively touring at the time you are talking about - but if we can it would be great. thanks for thinking of us.

best from pat m.