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--- Sep 08 1999 Go to category
Subject: Gege' Telesforo
Category: Other Musicians
From: Silvano  Lorusso (Milan, Italy)

Hi Pat, I'm a young italian jazz singer and a lawyer in my spare time. My idols are Bobby McFerrin and Piero Calamandrei. I'm a great fan of scat singing but in Italy it's almost impossible to find a serious jazz singer (except myself obviously). The most popular one in Italy is Gege' Telesforo so I'd like to know if you have ever heard about him. If your answer is positive and if you like him as an artist so I must say that certainly you'd like me too because I'm much better than him!!! (I've a lot of serious musicians in my country that think so). I hope I'll meet you soon so we can speak about a project of mine that involves you too: I want to realize an album of my favourite neapolitan songs with you! I hope you'll agree. I count on you.

My regards

Silvano Lorusso

Pat’s Answer:

hi silvano,

good luck with your music - probably i won't be able to play on your record - i am planning on cutting way back on doing that sort of thing after a few years of being pretty active on playing on other peoples records. i am planning on focusing pretty much exclusively on my own projects for a while.

as far as scat singing goes - it is a hard thing to pull off effectively, but the ones who can do it (like bobby mcferrin) are always excellent musicians.

best from pat m.