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--- Sep 08 1999 Go to category
Subject: Squeaking when playing nylon strings
Category: Guitars
From: Andrew Chan (Cupertino, CA)

Hi Pat,

Thanks for being back to answer more questions! Around the time you recorded "If I Could", I remember you saying how much you loved the squeak of nylon strings as you played and moved around the fretboard. In recent years, I've heard much less of that from you. Was this a conscious effort to change? Did you switch to D'Addario composite strings? Please come back to Yoshi's soon and record "Ballad in G". Thanks!

Pat’s Answer:

hi andrew,

well, actually, i have never liked the squeaky thing that much - and in fact, i have practiced for many years to try to get just the note with a minimium of extra-musicial noise. also, the recording situation; the mic that is used, the engineer, the room, the guitar itself, when you changed the strings, etc - all really factor into this. i like it when you can hear the movement on the strings - but not in a distracting way. thanks for writing in.