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--- Sep 08 1999 Go to category
Subject: Dealing With Disappointment...
Category: Inspiration
From: frankie  rivers (somerville,MA)

First of all, just want to say "thanks" for sharing your talents with all of us. Your music has been a great inspiration in my life. My question: has there been any work you've done (either records or live performances) where you were really disappointed with the results? If so, how did you deal with it at the time? Did it affect you the next time you went in to record or play in front of an audience?

Pat’s Answer:

hi frankie,

of course i have had lots and lots and lots of regular disappointments over the years - playing music is hard and in many ways is a trial and error process that begins from the time you start to try to play an instrument. you simply cannot get better without trying and failing - the sting of failure gives you a tangible and real gauge of your own progress or lack of it - giving you the exact musical prescription you need to continue on the road to progress as a player. i would say that i am disappointed about 100 times more often than i am truly satisfied with my own playing - but i don't see this as a negative thing - it is just part of the normal path one has to take in order to improve - and the ability one has to learn and deal with one's mistakes is an important tool to develop in music and outside it as well.