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--- Sep 09 1999 Go to category
Subject: US East coast trio tour?
Category: Touring
From: Stu  Noblen (Sarasota, Florida)

Hi Pat...thank you for all the incredible music over the years. Youre the best! My question: What is the possibility of bringing your trio to the US east coast this fall/winter? Thank you for taking the time from your (im sure) incredibly busy schedule to answer some of these questions for us fans! Take care...hope to see you soon!

Pat’s Answer:

hi stu,

right after our europe tour, the trio went into the studio in nyc for a few days - and it looks to me like it's gonna fly as a record. look for a release of the trio record in february and a trio tour in march and april. this is subject to change - but i am pretty sure that is how it is going to shape up. i LOVE playing with larry and bill - they are both exceptional musicians and great people - we had a lot of fun this year playing together and i am excited for a record to document the thing we have been working on to come out.