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--- Sep 09 1999 Go to category
Subject: Books/Charts of your music?
Category: General Questions
From: Caroline Lapointe (Canada)

Hi Pat,

I was 35 when I started to learn playing bass, three years ago. As you see, it's never too late to discover ourself. Well, with a full-time job in programming and three children, it's not easy to find the time to practice. The good point is that I learned how to appreciate each minute of playing (and listening) music.

I read a response from you to Andre Reis (march 24), concerning the publication of a song book. Is this book (or another book containing charts of your music) has been published since this response was written? I'm also searching for the lyrics of the song "Dream of the Return".

Thank you for your music, and the way you play it.

I hope you will come again to Montreal.


Pat’s Answer:

i know, i know... people don't even believe it anymore, that our songbook will EVER come out. ok, here's the latest - we are REALLY close to the end. i have updated everything twice now - hal leonard (the publisher) is making all the revisions now and i should get a copy of it all in the next two weeks or so. then after i go through it all again, i want lyle to check the tunes that he cowrote one more time. i just added five new tunes from a record that i just am making now plus 5 of the songs from the "map of the world" record, so when it does come out it will be really up to date. 168 tunes - all of my tunes, the tunes that i have collaborated on with other people and the stuff that lyle and i have written together for the group. it will be lead sheet versions of the music - meaning all the essential information to play the tunes will be there. so the big question is "when"? i think december is still a possibility - but more realistically it may be early january - but for sure it will be then - hal leonard wants it out "absolutely" by the january NAMM show. i am sure that you can count on it this time!