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--- Sep 09 1999 Go to category
Subject: advice
Category: Guitars
From: Bill  McKendree (Vero Beach, Fl, USA)

Hi Pat - I am not a professional, but i like to play when i can. Well, when i moved in 91 i had to sell my ES-330 to feed the family, and never really got around to replacing it. Since then ive had friends, some professional, tell me how disappointed they are that i quit, and that i need a new guitar. I really liked the gibson, and could spend more this time since im out of grad school. I never was really good at soloing, but im getting tired of everyone wanting me to play rhythm. Jazz is my favorite, and if i could solo like you did in slip away, i would die happy. I know that this isn't much info, but is it enough for you to suggest some models to try? Also, thanks for all the hard work, it really does make the world a better place to be.

Pat’s Answer:

hi bill

that's an EASY question! get yourself an ibanez PM-100 or PM-20. you can't go wrong!!