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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Subject: Pat Metheny Trio : the new album
Category: Recordings
From: franck wilmart (soissons / france)

HI again Pat,

that was a great news to read yesterday on this PMGLN section that you had recorded a new album in trio.

i suppose that Larry and Bill are playing on it.

i would like to ask you why have you made the choice to record new compositions with this trio ? All the people who had the chance like me to listen you Live this summer will understand my question.

It's a question from a great fan of your music : would it not be possible to have on this new record , the way you did for the Jim hall & Pat Metheny Record, some live tracks with the new compositions recorded in studio ?

amitiƩs Franck

Pat’s Answer:

hi franck,

the new trio album was recorded basically under similar circumstances as "question and answer" - we really went into the studio just to play to see what would happen for fun without really thinking of it as a record. i wrote a whole bunch of new tunes the day before, right after our last gig in istanbul so that we had some fresh stuff to look at. we didn't listen to any playbacks - we just kept playing and trying things. then about a week later i listened to it to see if what we did was cool, something different. and i think it is, but i am still working on it.

yes, we also recorded a lot of the shows on the trio tour - and that may be yet another whole record of that material that we were playing live this summer - but going through all that stuff will take some time; for now, i am excited about the new music we played in the studio which combines the freshness of new material with the thing of having played together for 2 months every night just before recording - a good match. (and yes, it is larry and bill). based on what i have heard so far, i think this is going to be a really nice record, i am starting to get excited about it.

somehow on the jim record it made sense to combine the live and the studio recordings - i think this is because of the limited orchestration of just 2 guitars, we benefitted from it having a lot of variety in setting so that the record kept changing as it went along. but generally i don't like to do that - i think each record should be about a specific subject or area - so i don't think combining live and studio recordings would work that well for this - they are really different vibes...

best from pat